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HINAPIA are set to debut!
The new, five-membered girl group under OSR Entertainment are to release their 1st Digital Single Album "New Start" on November 3rd. The girl group's concept is girl crush.
Check out the members' concept photos below!





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chanhoes   10 months ago
These teasers are looking really good! Looks + Talent + Awesome Girl Crush Concept, we're in for something amazing!
10 months ago
VendettaForV   10 months ago
Something tells me this group is going to be an even bigger flop than Pristin, though I hope I'm wrong
10 months ago
Melo9    VendettaForV   10 months ago
They already have a stage and their music is awesome (at least for me)! I am hopeful that they are going to do well. 
Here it is their debut song if you are interested.


10 months ago
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