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Pic source: Daily Sports
Singer Kang Daniel has planned stages at the year-end Gayo festivals.
"It's a time when the three public broadcasters are working on their year-end K-pop festival lineup," an insider source said. "Kang Daniel's side also decided to participate in the Gayo year-end K-pop festival through a meeting with production staff."
This is Kang Daniel's first time performing on a TV network since he released his debut album "color on me" as a solo artist in July. Kang Daniel, who released a solo album while he was in dispute with his former agency, did not appear on any music show. "I didn't have enough time to discuss the album with the management team and the networks because of the short preparation period for the album," said Kang Daniel at the time of the showcase.
Attention is being paid to what special stage Kang Daniel will perform at the Gayo year-end K-pop festivals, who recently wrapped up the dispute with his former agency neatly. Since "color on me" had no appearances on entertainment programs as well as on music shows, just watching Kang Daniel at the Gayos will be a good news for fans.
Meanwhile, Kang Daniel also confirmed his appearance at this year's "2019 AAA" in Vietnam.

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IstanLegends   8 months ago
I'm hoping for Jihyo X Daniel interactions 😍
8 months ago
chanhoes   8 months ago
I doubt the schedule was the reason why he wasn't able to perform in music shows. Pretty sure LM had something to do with it.
8 months ago
huckleberry   8 months ago
I doubt there'd be any interactions between Daniel and Jihyo. Their agencies will probably forbid them to in order to appease the delulu fans. 
8 months ago
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