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BTS and ATEEZ win awards at the MTV EMAs
On November 3, the MTV Europe Music Awards took place in Seville, Spain.
NCT127 also made history as the first Kpop group to perform at the MTV EMAs and received a lot of attention for their performance of "Highway to Heaven"
Best Group - BTS
Best Live - BTS
Biggest Fans - BTS
Best Korean Act - ATEEZ
Congratulations to the winners!

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IstanLegends   3 months ago
For ATEEZ to win such award is amazing. Looks like they really are going down the BTS road. If I remember it correctly, some members used to train under bighit too right?
3 months ago
chanhoes    IstanLegends   3 months ago
Yup, Yeosang and Wooyoung used to be bighit trainees. I'm guessing they were supposed to debut in TXT?
3 months ago
VendettaForV   3 months ago
So nice to see MTV whipped into submission finally 
3 months ago
Super_Lonelys   3 months ago
What a slap in the face for NCT and SM
3 months ago
huckleberry   3 months ago
I hope ateez can now pay off their debts and start earning.
3 months ago
9thAteez    huckleberry   3 months ago
Ateez is doing fine.  I doubt KQ has been paying for the designer clothes and jewelry they wear on their down time.
3 months ago