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VendettaForV   10 months ago
Dawn was better in a group than this poor man's g-dragon soloist stuff IMHO but hopefully he'll be able to make it work
10 months ago
Smilesweetie    VendettaForV   10 months ago
Time's running out for that to work hah the real gdragon has probably already been working on his comeback 😅😅
10 months ago
DungeonKeeper   10 months ago
The song and video is pretty cool but I think dawn can do better. His dancing skills are awesome though.
10 months ago
huckleberry   10 months ago
"If money can't buy happiness, how does one live?"
I have never felt so attacked by a song. I never expected him to debut with such relatable and emotional song. Sorry for thinking this would be about Drugs, Alcohol, and Money lol. 

10 months ago
chanhoes   10 months ago
The choreography and the song goes really well with each other, but that baggy suit though 
10 months ago
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