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On November 5, HyunA sat down for an interview on SBS's “Night of Real Entertainment” following her first solo comeback in two years with “Flower Shower.”
HyunA and DAWN went public with their relationship in August 2018 but have been dating since May of 2016. 
Since confirming their relationship, the two have uploaded numerous Instagram posts together and have participated in various photo shoots as a couple.
Regarding their response to the initial reports, HyunA shared, “I no longer wanted to lie to those who love me. I felt really apologetic and thankful. But that's why I was able to gain strength.” She continued, “I thought I was being selfish. Although I have promoted for a long time, [DAWN] had not been and was therefore more careful.”
Although initially a little embarrassed while discussing her romantic relationship, she began to loosen up when asked what DAWN's charms were. She answered, “He's blunt but very delicate. He doesn't have much of an appetite but always eats delicious food with me, and I like most that we share a lot of music and art.”
HyunA was then asked who confessed their feelings first, to which she shyly replied, “I did. I liked him for awhile. I waited to carefully tell him that I liked him, but then he immediately suggested that we date.”
In regards to which of them has more aegyo, HyunA revealed, “DAWN has more on a regular basis.”
DAWN also made his solo debut on the same day as HyunA's comeback, with “MONEY.” When asked which of their songs she wishes would do better, HyunA hilariously responded, “Of course it would be good if my song does well.” However, the loving couple both promoted each other's songs on their personal Instagrams.
Watch her short performance and interview below!

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VendettaForV   10 months ago
She's got such great skin
10 months ago
DungeonKeeper   10 months ago
“I did. I liked him for awhile. I waited to carefully tell him that I liked him, but then he immediately suggested that we date."
The boy didn't waste the chance 😂

10 months ago
IstanLegends   10 months ago
With how terrible the situation was when their dating news blew up, I never expected for them to be this open and successful. I wonder how cube feels about this.
10 months ago
yooniverse    IstanLegends   10 months ago
They're probably hating themselves for kicking HyunDawn out.
10 months ago
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