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Simon Cowell recently took to his video blog to announce his attempt to capture back the #1 spot in the global pop market. "Right now, K-pop you could argue is ruling the world. Now it's time for UK-pop," Cowell said to the camera. Many fans were upset and offended by the comment, which made it seem like Cowell is trying to minimize K-pop's impact and "make it white," according to one reaction off Twitter.
“Simon Cowell wants to recreate BTS in Britain with a group and he's calling it ‘UKPOP' I'm in f*****g tears,” one person tweeted, as another said: “Pls tell me Simon Cowell isn't actually trying to create a thing called ‘UKPOP' just to compete with BTS tell me what I read was a joke.”

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DungeonKeeper   9 months ago
Can't he just say that he wants to create a new one direction? lol this guy is really out for the $$$
9 months ago
IstanLegends   9 months ago
Why am I suddenly picturing out an all-british boy group who sings koreans songs 😂
9 months ago
Smilesweetie   9 months ago
Realistically, this guy is just trying to stir shit  🙂
9 months ago
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