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Off The Record postpones the release of IZONE's first full album "BLOOMIZ"
On November 7, Off The Record announced the postponement of the release of IZ*ONE's new album planned for November 11. 
Police are currently investigating the reportedly rigging of votes of "Produce 101".
Meanwhile, the fans are supporting the group saying that the members didn't know anything about it and punishing them instead of CJ E&M and Mnet isn't fair, as they had no say in the matter. 

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Smilesweetie   10 months ago
These girls need to followup on the sound of their debut; feel like we're in another MINX situation where the girls are just stuck in a concept that isn't working anymore... it's time to mix things up
10 months ago
IstanLegends   10 months ago
I listened to their highlight medley and the songs were all so good. This is a bummer.
10 months ago
chanhoes   10 months ago
The thing is, we can't know for sure if the girls weren't really aware of the rigging. I mean, it's their agency after all.
10 months ago
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