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CL has parted ways with YG Entertainment.
The agency released the following statement on November 8:
Hello. This is YG Entertainment.
Respecting each other's opinions, we came to an agreement with CL to end her exclusive contract.
We express deep gratitude to the fans who have shown for CL, who shined with her activities as an artist of YG.
At YG, CL debuted with 2NE1 in 2009, and while promoting as a leader and rapper, she led trends in various areas including music and fashion. She also left a major mark in the history of K-pop when she became the first Korean solo female artist to chart in the Billboard Hot 100 on October 12, 2016.
We ask for lots of interest and support for CL's new activities, and YG will also cheer her on with unchanging trust and affection. Thank you.

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Smilesweetie   1 year ago
What's she going to do next? This isn't like HyunA's case, she's 28 and maybe has only a few more years in the industry as it is so I doubt she's going to get rescued by a company here... Poor CL :((
1 year ago
yooniverse    Smilesweetie   1 year ago
I'm sure PNATION will take her in. Or she might establish her own agency bc she has that power. I hope to God she gets saved by PSY. I'm sure she will find somewhere she's safe. 
1 year ago
DungeonKeeper    yooniverse   1 year ago
I agree. This is CL and not just some nugu or mid-tier idol. She'll be fine.
1 year ago
VendettaForV    Smilesweetie   1 year ago
She was given the white-glove VIP treatment in YG too, not many were given a second shot after their groups falling apart but she kept getting solos, and even was promoted in the US... Still sad to see but imagine how someone like Bom or M i n z y were treated 
1 year ago
IstanLegends   1 year ago
Glad that she's finally out of that hell hole! 
1 year ago
chanhoes   1 year ago
YG trying so hard not to sound bitter lol
1 year ago
DungeonKeeper   1 year ago
I'm pretty sure despite of everything that happened, CL is still grateful to YG because they gave her the opportunity to become the artist that she is now. YG's only mistake was abandoning her when things got tough and they started to have new artists.
1 year ago
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