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BTS's Jungkook has been booked for a recent car accident he was involved with.
Earlier in the month, it was revealed that Jungkook was questioned for a minor collision with a taxi. A clarifying report was released later in the day on November 4 to explain that he had not been booked yet and that he was not drunk driving. The police shared that he could be booked after the medical diagnosis is received or personal harm is confirmed.
On November 8, the Seoul Yongsan Police Station confirmed that he has now been booked for violation of the Road Traffic Act and violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Settlement of Traffic Accidents.
Big Hit Entertainment previously revealed that Jungkook reached a settlement with the taxi driver. Regarding this, a source from the police explained, “He was booked due to confirmation of the taxi driver receiving harm. Settlement is a personal matter and is not related [with the police investigation].”
The police have yet to schedule a date to summon Jungkook for questioning.

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Smilesweetie   4 months ago
Feel like this could be the start of a drama...
Jungkook hits driver
He absolutely cannot let this information get leaked, and the taxi driver thinks to himself well I know there's something you can do for me...
And this begins Jungkooks journey into the criminal underworld

4 months ago
VendettaForV    Smilesweetie   4 months ago
Who is playing the female lead ? I need details!
4 months ago
yooniverse    Smilesweetie   4 months ago
Let's not go there.
4 months ago
IstanLegends    Smilesweetie   4 months ago
Goodbye Jeon Cena, Hello Jeon Wick.
4 months ago
chanhoes   4 months ago
Jungkook idolized Namjoon so much that he acquired his "God of Destruction" skills.
4 months ago
DungeonKeeper   4 months ago
He should be more careful otherwise he will be the cause of their group's downfall.
4 months ago
Jungkookie1045   4 months ago
sigh I hope everything goes well with Jungkook, I mean new god of destruction. 
4 months ago