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Mnet disclosed it has not discussed details of the possible breakup of IZONE and X1.
In the afternoon of November 11th, Mnet told MBN Star, "We are discussing various activities and programs of X1 and IZONE." 
They then said that there has been no specific discussion on whether to disband X1 and IZONE.
"We are waiting for the results of the investigation," they were quoted as saying.
As producer Ahn Joon-young, who was in charge of Mnet survival audition program "Produce 101," admitted to having manipulated "Produce 48" and "Produce X101," voices of opposition against X1 and IZONE's activities have grown.
Rumors of a breakup of the two groups have circulated, but Mnet declined to comment on X' and IZONE's movements, considering the circumstances under investigation.

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IstanLegends   25 days ago
With how shocking Kpop has been this year, I won't be surprised if they suddenly announce disbandment.
25 days ago
Smilesweetie    IstanLegends   25 days ago
There's too much money to be made for a disband to happen, the company is just going to get a slap on the wrist like always
25 days ago
Original DavidModerator    Smilesweetie   24 days ago
Yeah I'd bet $100 that neither of these two groups are going to be disbanded by the end of the year. Any takers? 🙂
24 days ago
VendettaForV   25 days ago
🙏🙏🙏Praying for our girls(and boys too I guess) 🙏🙏🙏
25 days ago
Smilesweetie   25 days ago
It's amazing to think how much stuff like this goes on and no one gets caught
25 days ago
DungeonKeeper   24 days ago
Just reveal and remove the members who got in through rigging. 
24 days ago

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