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C9 Entertainment to debut a new girl group C9 Girlz
On November 11, C9 Entertainment confirmed they are preparing to debut a new girl group and revealed the first member Jeewon.
The new girl group currently goes by the tentative name "C9 Girlz" and has opened their official SNS accounts.
Every day they will reveal the profile photos and videos of the members, so stay tuned".
Jeewon was a member of Good Day, but C9 Entertainment hasn't announced the disbandment of the group or given any statement on their activities. 

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VendettaForV   7 months ago
The battle for attention among the bottom of the girlgroup ladder is ferocious. You're going to need a lot of luck on your side to break out.
7 months ago
chanhoes    VendettaForV   7 months ago
Someone better pull-off a Hani 
7 months ago
DungeonKeeper   7 months ago
Isn't it too early for C9 to debut a girl group? CIX just debuted and despite having jinyoung, their popularity is still unstable.
7 months ago
huckleberry    DungeonKeeper   7 months ago
I think it's also good to ride on CIX's popularity, at least more fans will notice them. If only the company can manage them at the same time without leaving one in the backburner.
7 months ago
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