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On November 12 KST, Lovelyz celebrated their 5th debut anniversary after they making debut in 2015 with album “Girls' Invasion.” Hashtag "#앞으로도_빛날_러블리즈의_5주년" and "#5LWAYZ_LOVELYZ" are trending worldwide to celebrated their debut anniversary.

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chanhoes   4 months ago
I can't believe its been five years since Candy Jelly Love.
4 months ago
huckleberry   4 months ago
Something about Lovelyz' progress just reminds me of Rainbow's. I hope I'm wrong and they won't end up disbanding due to being unpopular.
4 months ago
IstanLegends    huckleberry   4 months ago
Lovelyz is way popular than Rainbow had ever been. Lovelyz has a stable fandom, the problem is that they need more push and the members need more exposure.
4 months ago