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LOONA Chuu's "Heart Attack" music video has surpassed 10 million views.
Chuu, unveiled as the 10th member of LOONA, is a member who is receiving much attention from fans in Korea and abroad for her lovely visual and refreshing charm, as the maker of "Chuu Heart."
Chuu is also one of the members who has a versatile appearance, such as stable vocal and acting skills.
The agency said, "Thanks to the fans who love LOONA and Chuu, we were able to get a high number of views. We're going to do more activities, so please watch with deep affection and attention."
Congratulations Chuu!

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chanhoes   1 year ago
Chuu is such a revelation. With her visuals and cutesy charm, I really thought she'd be like Lovelyz' Jiae or OMG's Arin but turns out she's pretty talented vocal-wise.
1 year ago
DungeonKeeper    chanhoes   1 year ago
The shade sksksks
1 year ago
Kpop Naked