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Former 9MUSES member Kyungri has written to fans following the news that she is dating 2AM's Jeong Jinwoon.
Kyungri posted on Twitter on November 14 at 1 a.m. KST with the following message:
Today went by so hectically.
I didn't know what to say so I just worried about it, and then before I knew it, the day was over.
Still, I think I need to say at least something.
I'm sorry and thank you.
It's suddenly become very cold out.
Be careful not to catch a cold, and sleep well.

On November 13, Jeong Jinwoon's agency confirmed that he and Kyungri have been dating since late 2017.

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chanhoes   10 months ago
I feel kinda bad for her. The pressure she's feeling must be pretty heavy. It doesn't help that she's dating Jinwoo.
10 months ago
IstanLegends   10 months ago
Saw a clip where she talked about their relationship. Looks like she's trying to follow Hyuna and Dawn's footsteps.
10 months ago
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