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Sungmin releases "Orgel" M/V
On November 22 at 6PM (KST), Sungmin released his first mini album "Orgel" and title track of the same name.
"Orgel" is a soothing track that gives off the image of a warm day in the middle of winter, and Sungmin's voice is able to refresh our ears with his sweet tones.
Sungmin took part in composing the songs "Zzz..." and "I Pray" from his mini album.

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chanhoes   1 year ago
Wasn't he the one who got boycott for getting married?
1 year ago
IstanLegends    chanhoes   1 year ago
Yup. Honestly suprised that SM gave him a solo release despite of the hate he gets - Not that I agree with the delulu fans. They're crazy for labeling him a traitor just for getting married.
1 year ago
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