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Park Jinyoung, and TWICE's Nayeon and Dahyun are hilarious in the preview of JTBC's "Knowing Bros"
Park Jinyoung, and TWICE's Nayeon and Dahyun will guest next Saturday on "Knowing Bros". As everyone knows, during the show the guests and the cast speak informally to each other, as if they were in a real school.
TWICE's Nayeon and Dahyun took advantage of it, Nayeon referring to him as "That guy", Dahyun saying "you" and "Jinyoung-ah" and much more, bringing out laughter from the audience and cast alike.  
Their episode will air on November 30.

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VendettaForV   6 months ago
JYP what is that hair
6 months ago
huckleberry    VendettaForV   6 months ago
Looks like Moses has been there
6 months ago