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Mnet confirms X1 and IZONE will not attend the "2019 MAMA"
On November 26, Mnet announced that the groups X1 and IZ
ONE will not participate in the "2019 MAMA" that will be held on December 4.
Mnet apologized to the fans that were waiting for their stages and the controversy of their program.

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huckleberry   1 month ago
Now the question is will X1 still win the rookie of the year award?
1 month ago
DungeonKeeper   1 month ago
I wonder what their plan is? Hide until the heat dies down?
1 month ago
IstanLegends   1 month ago
The audacity of mnet to act like they didn't do anything about this when for sure the PD couldn't have pulled off all this on his own. It's very unfair how X1 and IZ*ONE members are the one getting the punished.
1 month ago
chanhoes   1 month ago
Why can't they just cancel the entire ceremony since it's rigged anyways.
1 month ago