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suga has helped me in so many ways my mom wants me to be perfect and my dad says she just wants whats best for me but she trys to make me look thinner and im sick of it and i was feeling depression. That was until i found BTS and i meant Suga and he showed me i doesn't matter what people do to you you are your own person and it doesn't matter what you look like your always going to be you. My name is Amber Robinson and i love BTS abd i LOVE SUGA. Suga you have showed me the way to be beautiful and i love you.

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Violet Rose   1 year ago
Suga is a great role model. He has helped me too. Before I found out that he had depression I didn't think that anything would help me with all my problems. After I found out that he had depression and got some help that acctually did something I started to believe that anything was possible. Hopefully he can continue to make an impact on people. But also just BTS in general has helped me open my eyes to a lot of. If I never found them I wouldn't love myself like I do now. I would greatly considering listening to BTS if you don't they will make you realize a lot of things like: Just becuase you stan another group that doesn't mean you need to hate on each other. Also they taught me that you can do anything if you try really hard 😃
1 year ago
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