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Goo Hara's older brother revealed his last chat online with his sister before she passed away.
The message reads as follows:
Brother: “I am begging you…Please do not have any negative thoughts, do not get sick, take care of your health, and in the future, I hope you get married and have children and live for a very long time…When you are sad, let it all out and cry…I know it is hard to let it all out, but… I love you, little sister.
Goo Hara: I love you, oppa (older brother). Don't worry.
Brother: You must be so sad…My heart hurts like crazy, too. Eat something delicious in Japan.
Brother:  I'll bring you some delicious food tomorrow.
Goo Hara: Okay.

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huckleberry   9 months ago
Hara's parents divorced when she was young and since then she only had her brother and her other relatives. I wish her brother strenth. This has got to be hell for him.
9 months ago
IstanLegends   9 months ago
You can really tell from his brother's message how much he loves her. This is heartbreaking.
9 months ago
chanhoes   9 months ago
Hara's brother is so sweet. Bless his hurting heart.
9 months ago
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