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Kang Daniel reveals he would like to go on a trip with Seventeen's Woozi
On November 28, Kang Daniel appeared as a guest on SBS's Power FM "Cultwo Show" together with the special DJ Hong Jinyoung.
While listening to Kang Daniel's new single "Adulthood", they talked about the song. Kang Daniel shared that he liked the lyrics a lot and wanted to go on a trip. The DJ Kim Taekyun asked him who he wanted to go with, to which Kang Daniel answered: "The friend who I'm closest with is Seventeen's Woozi. I want to go skiing together in Greenland."

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huckleberry   1 year ago
I had no idea he's this close to Woozi. Idol friendships are often surprising,
1 year ago
chanhoes   1 year ago
Please take woozi away from pledis' clutches for a while so he could catch a break. Seventeen's schedule is so freaking alarming lready.
1 year ago
Alpha_Nancy   1 year ago
You know how sometimes you want Seventeen (or any of the groups you stan) to be more popular and famous, but like you kinda not want them to get more popular because you fear they may get more busier and have more anxiety. 😩
1 year ago
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