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Jung Joonyoung, former F.T. Island member Choi Jonghoon, and SNSD's Yuri's brother "Kwon" have all been sentenced to prison for crimes relating to molka (hidden camera) and sexual assault crimes.
Jung Joonyoung got sentenced for 6 years, former F.T. Island member Choi Jonghoon was sentenced to 5 years, and SNSD's Yuri's brother "Kwon" received 4 years.
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Natascha Wolf   8 months ago
It is sad that they wasted their talent and did things like that, however I agree that the crime is so awful that they should have received much longer than that.
8 months ago
huckleberry   8 months ago
6 years is way too short. They should've made it at least 10 and longer. 
8 months ago
IstanLegends   8 months ago
How about Roy Kim? Did his family's money save him from this?
8 months ago
chanhoes   8 months ago
The real winner here is Kwon's fiancee. She must be so glad this all happened before actually getting married to him. The catastrophe!
8 months ago
jekneeislove   8 months ago
Meanwhile Seungri is still free and golfing with his rich buddies
8 months ago
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