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Top 10 Artists:
Jang Beom June
SNSD's Taeyeon
MC the Max
New Artist of the Year:
Nominees: HYNN, ITZY, X1, Cherry Bullet, & TXT
Male Winner: TXT
Female Winner: ITZY
Netizens' Favourite Artist:
Nominees: EXO, TWICE, MAMAMOO, Jannabi, & BTS
Winner: BTS
Best Pop:
Billie Eilish's “bad guy”
Best Dance – Male:
Nominees: EXO's “Love Shot,” Winner's “Millions,” NU'EST Minhyun's “Universe,” BTS' “Boy With Luv,” & SEVENTEEN's “Home”
Winner: BTS' “Boy With Luv”
Best Dance – Female:
Nominees: ITZY's “Dalla Dalla,” TWICE's “Fancy,” MAMAMOO's “gogobebe,” GFRIEND's “Sunrise,” & Chungha's “Gotta Go”
Winner: Chungha's “Gotta Go”
Best OST:
Nominees: Naomi Scott's “Speechless (Aladdin OST),” Post Malone, Swae Lee “Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse OST),” Gummy's “Remember Me (Hotel Del Luna OST),” Jang Beom June's “Your Shampoo Scent In the Flowers (Be Melodramatic OST),” & Hajin's “We All Lie (Sky Castle OST)”
Winner: Gummy's “Remember Me (Hotel Del Luna OST)”
Best Music Video:
Kang Daniel's “What are you up to?”
Stage of the Year:
Record of the Year Daesang:
BTS' “Map of the Soul: Persona”
Best Songwriter:
Best Trot:
Hong Jinyoung
Best Indie:
Best Hip Hop:
Epik High
Best Ballad:
Kakao Hot Star:
Hot Trend:
Nominees: AB6IX, Kang Daniel, Kim Jaehwan, Jeon Somi, Han Sungwoon
Winner: AB6IX
1theK Best Performance:
The Boyz
Best Rock:
Best R'n'B/Soul:
Song of the Year Daesang:
BTS' “Boy With Luv”
Album of the Year Daesang:
BTS' “Map of the Soul: Persona”
Artist of the Year Daesang:

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Krypta   1 year ago
X1 was robbed ROTY and that's the tea.
1 year ago
Alpha_Nancy    Krypta   11 months ago
okay...love your profile picture 💜😝
11 months ago
Alpha_Nancy   1 year ago
Everyone here is so awesome!!! Eventhough some of them didn't win I felt like all the nominees this year deserve a win!!! Very accurate! Huge fan of every artist that was named! ❤
1 year ago
huckleberry   1 year ago
I'm a myday but I'm just so proud of N.Flying winning this despite being nugu for years. FNC should promote them better.
1 year ago
IstanLegends   1 year ago
BTS winning all the daesangs in one award show is amazing. This just goes to show how powerful their fandom is.
1 year ago
DungeonKeeper   1 year ago
Not even a nomination for Blackpink?! 
1 year ago
Alpha_Nancy    DungeonKeeper   11 months ago
I know right??!! I love Blackpink!!!! ❤
11 months ago
jekneeislove   1 year ago
Kang Daniel winning best music video is a joke. WAYUT is an okay song with a bland boxed music video. It was forgetful and nothing's really special about it aside from being KD's solo debut song.
1 year ago
Alpha_Nancy    jekneeislove   11 months ago
I respect your opinion 😁
11 months ago
tahciram   5 months ago
TXT ROTY we love to see it 🤧🤟🏻
5 months ago
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