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Kang Daniel will be taking a break from activities to focus on recovering his mental health.
On December 4, it was reported that Kang Daniel had canceled his pre-recording for MBC Music's “Show Champion” due to health problems.
His agency KONNECT Entertainment released a statement to provide the facts regarding what was reported. The full statement is as follows:
Hello. This is KONNECT Entertainment.
Below is our official statement regarding our artist Kang Daniel.
Starting from the first half of the year, Kang Daniel visited the hospital after experiencing poor health due to a weak immune system as well as psychological anxiety. After a detailed examination, he was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. Following this, he has continued to focus on treatment through psychotherapy and medication.
Though Kang Daniel did his best to stay grounded and not falter in a constantly changing environment despite his state, he recently expressed more severe symptoms of anxiety. Thus, we reached the conclusion that sufficient rest and stability is of the highest priority for the artist's health and safety.
We canceled the pre-recording for MBC Music's “Show Champion” that was scheduled for today (December 4) in the morning, and it is not possible for him to carry out his upcoming activities normally. The truth is that it is difficult to continue promotions for his digital single “Touchin'” in this situation.
We deeply apologize to fans, broadcasting stations, media outlets, and all other related personnel for causing concern with this sudden news.
We will take all measures possible for Kang Daniel to recover his health, and we will once again keep in mind the responsibility given to an agency to protect its artist.
Moreover, we ask you to refrain from making speculations and causing misunderstandings regarding Kang Daniel's health and future activities. We will prepare a way to keep you informed about the process of his recovery.
Once again, we apologize for bringing unfortunate news, and we ask you to support Kang Daniel until he can return healthily.
Thank you.

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IstanLegends   10 months ago
Poor guy has been receiving unwarranted hate since produce 101. I sure hope he gets the rest he deserves and comes back as a healthier person. 
10 months ago
huckleberry   10 months ago
His fancafe posts were heartbreaking. For three years he never complained and held on to everything. He deserves the best.
10 months ago
chanhoes   10 months ago
I hope this sudden hiatus isn't related to the entire Mnet fiasco.
10 months ago
DungeonKeeper   10 months ago
Damn, Daniel 😞 Get well soon
10 months ago
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