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Minzy reveals plans to start a new legal dispute with her agency
Her request to suspend her contract with The Music Works was rejected by the court and so her contract with The Music Works was deemed valid. 
On December 4, Minzy made a statement on Instagram saying that she plans to enter a new legal dispute with the company, stating that she was promised at least 4 albums a year and that they would support her activities, but only gave year 1 album in 4 years and barely supported her and she hasn't seen even one won from them.
More than money, she said that it was important for her to promote as an artist promised to handle it with strength, showing both diligence and confidence for the fans that have supported her.
Good luck, Minzy!

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chanhoes   1 year ago
Minzy really needs all the luck she could get. She's such a talented girl but can't seem to land on an agency who can support her. She should just have her own one-man agency when she finally escapes Music Works.
1 year ago
huckleberry   1 year ago
Poor girl just can't take a break 😞
1 year ago
DungeonKeeper   1 year ago
Poor baby 😞 I hope she wins the lawsuit this time
1 year ago
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