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MTV The Show makes a statement sharing that there was no error in Kang Daniel's win and that their source is Gaon
On December 4, MTV The Show made a statement giving an explanation on Kang Daniel's win:
The points are determined through the following criteria: digital points 40%, 10% album, 20% music video, 15% experts, 5% pre-vote, and 10% live votes.
MTV The Show shared that their source was Gaon Chart and there was no error in the counting.
Meanwhile, Kang Daniel announced that he would be taking a rest for his health and fans trended "We are with Kang Daniel" and "We love Kang Daniel" to show their support for their artist.

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huckleberry   6 months ago
This is Kang Daniel we are talking about. He may not have spectacular skills but the boy has really good sales and a huge fandom. How could there be an error if he's one of the most popular artists in Korea?
6 months ago
chanhoes   6 months ago
This is "The Show" we're talking about lol fans of the losing performers shouldn't feel bad. 
6 months ago
IstanLegends   6 months ago
Of course there isn't! There's no need to rig! 
6 months ago