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When asked if they saw these two members often, Suho replied, “They recently came to the practice room and ate.” Chanyeol explained, “You can use your cell phone these days after your daily work ends in the military. Xiumin talks more than we do after 6 p.m. He talks about what he did today. He posted our photo on social media and wrote, ‘Include me too.'”
The cast was curious if the group went to visit the members in the military. Kai and Chanyeol answered, “They told us not to come, so we didn't go.” Kai continued, “I'll go when I get some free time. I was so busy up until now. I couldn't go when Xiumin enlisted because of work. I felt bad, so I replied to him every day in the beginning. I wrote, ‘Xiumin hyung, are you okay?' I replied to him every day, but I didn't know he'd contact me so much. I thought he'd text me twice a week, but he texted me all week long. These days, he says, ‘Kai appeared somewhere' and even knows my entire schedule. I kind of ignore him these days.”
“We recently talked about our title track in our group chatroom,” said Chanyeol. “D.O suddenly said, ‘No. 3 is good. What do you think?' I guess he was bored because he wrote, ‘I like No. 3, but No. 1 fits you guys well. No. 2 seems okay too, but No. 3 is my style.' He kept on talking.”
Kai added, “He changed after going to the military.”

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huckleberry   8 months ago
Omg. My kaisoo heart 💖
8 months ago
IstanLegends   8 months ago
Xiumin may be the oldest but he'll forever be the baby of the group.
8 months ago
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