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On December 8, JYP Entertainment released a statement warning fans against unsafe behavior like overcrowding and following artists at the airport.
Earlier that day, TWICE arrived at Gimpo International Airport after finishing their activities in Japan. Many people attempted to take photos of TWICE and as a result, Jihyo ended up tripping over a fan who had fallen on the floor.
The agency's statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is JYPE.
Today, at Gimpo International Airport, there was an incident in which our artist fell and was hurt due to disorderly and excessive photography.
“Following artists at the airport after immigration inspection” is officially prohibited according to the blacklist rules, so engaging in this behavior will result in a ban from participating in activities like TV broadcasts. (Refer to TWICE's blacklist rules.)
If this issue occurs again, we may have to take legal action. We are letting you know that we are looking into legal options in case this becomes a repeated issue.
Questions of safety are not only about the artists but also the fans and the general public. We ask you to keep order at official appearances and refrain from prohibited behavior like following TWICE during unofficial activities.
As a company, we are always aware when prohibited behavior like this occurs, and we are always looking into legal options for the incidents that are within the scope of the law.
As an agency, we will do our best to protect the safety of our artists.
Thank you.
In a similar incident earlier this week, Starship Entertainment warned fans about excessive behavior during WJSN's arrival at “Music Bank.”

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minirene,<3   1 year ago
i cant believe they dont give them privacy

1 year ago
huckleberry    minirene,<3   1 year ago
The price of being famous 😞
1 year ago
it wasn;t even about their privacy, because they were in a public space. it's just the fans are too rough, though im sure even the gentle ones might get a little too excited as well
1 year ago
minirene,<3   1 year ago
i cant even bare with people its always her getting hurt like she can't live without her being called names or getting hurt what our world has come to

1 year ago
minirene,<3   1 year ago
park pasta i agree but also the fans need to learn to give them space and dont touch them
1 year ago
huckleberry   1 year ago
That video of jihyo crying while being escorted to the car was so hard to watch. Our precious leader has been through so much considering all the hate she's got since her pre-debut days, and the pressure of being the leader of korea's top girl group.
1 year ago
chanhoes   1 year ago
I have a feeling there's more to why jihyo cried. The push must've been the last straw for her piling emotions. Hope she feels better.
1 year ago
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