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EXO's Kai issued a stern warning to sasaengs during an Instagram Live broadcast.
On December 8, Kai took to Instagram Live to show off his newly dyed hair and to spend some time chatting with his fans before bed. “To be honest, I'm really sleepy,” he confessed with a yawn, but he explained that he had been determined to share his excitement about his black hair with his fans right away.
A few minutes into the broadcast, however, Kai's expression turned grim as he revealed that there was someone waiting outside EXO's residence. “Also, this is unrelated,” he said, “but it seems like there are sasaengs outside the dorm.”
Kai then addressed the sasaengs directly, warning, “I'll call the police. Leave quickly.”


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IstanLegends   9 months ago
Kai looking like a sleek president while telling off sasaengs. We Stan. On a serious note, I love how EXO members always calls out sasaengs. Most idols don't really say stuff about them.
9 months ago
huckleberry   9 months ago
EXO's sasaeng problems have been really bad since debut days. It's sad that nothing has changed through the years.
9 months ago
chanhoes   9 months ago
That is so freaking creepyyyy
9 months ago
DungeonKeeper   9 months ago
He should've just called the cops right away. Sasaengs need to learn before anything worse happens.
9 months ago
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