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Pledis Entertainment has announced that NU'EST and SEVENTEEN will no longer be accepting fan gifts.
On December 9, the agency released the following statement:
Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment.
We would like to make an announcement regarding our artists' fan support.
We appreciate all the love and support fans have shown our affiliate artists thus far. After thorough discussion with NU'EST and SEVENTEEN, we have decided to no longer accept any type of fan support with the exception of hand-written letters starting [with] the year 2020.
A detailed fan support guideline will be posted on the official fan-site for each artist.
Thank you for your cooperation and kind understanding.

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IstanLegends   9 months ago
That will be so much better. Many disagreements stem from grandiose fan gifts. I remember there was an idol, I forgot from what group, getting in trouble for letting his friend wear a fan's gift. 
9 months ago
chanhoes    IstanLegends   9 months ago
I think you're still talking about Seventeen. In 2017, they were accused of regifting fan gifts. Whether it is true or not, Seventeen gets so many gifts since debut. At least they are sharing it to other people and not letting it put to waste.
9 months ago
chanhoes   9 months ago
How about they take action for Seventeen's crazy schedule and check up on their health though?
9 months ago
Alpha_Nancy    chanhoes   9 months ago
True dat!
9 months ago
minirene,<3   9 months ago
this is so much better
9 months ago
Alpha_Nancy   9 months ago
I'm not sure what to think about this, can someone please so kindly explain why the PLEDIS decided SEVENTEEN and NU'EST will no longer accept fan gifts? I'm confused, someone please help explain, thx! 😣
9 months ago
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