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BTS's V opens up about being afraid when sasaengs sit next to them on flights
BTS's V was live on V Live on December 14, where he sang and answered fans' questions.
While talking with fans, V opened up about being scared of sasaengs. "Honestly, we want to fly [on regular flights] too. However, during our flights, there are people that sit on purpose on the seats in front of us or next to us. No matter what, we can't relax in such a private place and are uncomfortable. Honestly, it would be great if they would stop. Honestly, it's scary." expressing his discomfort.
Fans, too, wrote on the comments "I hope sasaengs stop", "It would be like a horror movie if someone stares at you secretly while you sleep.",

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IstanLegends   11 months ago
How can Sasaengs know which flight to take and where to sit. Seriously, they're like fbi. 
11 months ago
sarangmina   11 months ago
There should be laws passed against sasaengs. It's scary to think that actions against them will only be taken once something serious happens. 
11 months ago
Mini   11 months ago
i agree with V and the fans because they are getting out of control and i support BTS  and V. who is with me we gotta stand for them, we gotta  stand with BTS WHO IS WITH ME ALL HANDS
11 months ago
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