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BLACKPINK's Jisoo Hits 3 Million Subscribers on YouTube

BLACKPINK's Jisoo Hits 3 Million Subscribers on YouTube


, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, has proved her strong global impact by surpassing 3 million subscribers a month after opening a YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel "Happiness Jisoo 103%" recorded 3.14 million subscribers as of the 2nd.

Jisoo posted a video titled "London Vlog" on January 3 to announce the start of YouTube activities and made headlines by saying that she would donate the entire proceeds from the channel.

Since then, she has shared her daily life of resting after performing in Cologne, Germany, through her third Vlog video on the 1st.

Jisoo said, "I named the YouTube channel 'Happiness Index', but at first, I thought a lot about 'Jisoo Log' and 'Jisoo Vlog'," adding, "I named it 'Happiness Index (Happiness Jisoo)' because I wanted the happiness index of people watching this to go up. While filming this, I'm also happy. Subscribe, like, and click the bell to receive notifications," showing that she already knows how to work as a YouTuber, too!

Meanwhile, Jisoo is preparing for her solo debut.


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