THE BOYZ Share Their Secret Weapon

THE BOYZ Share Their Secret Weapon

A pictorial of THE BOYZ as a whole group has been released.

On the 22nd, Harper's Bazaar, a fashion magazine, released a pictorial of THE BOYZ, who made a comeback with their eighth mini-album "BE AWAKE."

THE BOYZ is said to have given pleasant energy to the field staff with a playful appearance like boys of their age.

In a subsequent interview, member Juyeon said about their 8th mini-album "Be Awake," "It was new because it had a stronger and sexier feeling than before."

Member Younghoon said, "The composition and performance of the choreography are the result of endless modifications. It is meaningful as it is a choreography made by all members actively and jointly. "There are many points that can be found attractive," he said.

When asked what THE BOYZ's weapon is, member Hyunjae said, "The mindset. We still have the same mind as when we were rookies. The flame still hasn't gone away," he replied.

Eric, who also rejoined THE BOYZ, said, "Before COVID-19, I gained a lot of strength just by the fact that The B (official fandom name) watched me dance and sing on stage. I'm very excited to think that I can finally fill my empty heart in three years," he said, expressing expectations for music broadcasting activities.

In the pictorial you can see the members having fun together.


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