BLACKPINK's Jisoo Shares "BERLIN Vlog"

BLACKPINK's Jisoo Shares "BERLIN Vlog"

On March 11th, BLACKPINK's Jisoo posted a video of "BERLIN vlog" on the YouTube channel "Happy Jisoo 103%."

In the video, Jisoo said, "I just arrived in Berlin, Germany," and added, "As soon as I arrived, I came to eat hot pot again because I was still looking for my luggage. I will eat hot pot today and look around Berlin starting tomorrow."

She visited a large mart, bought ice cream, and moved to the hotel, "It's so pretty outside. I'm not in the car, I'm outside," she said, moving to the hotel. Jisooo later said, "It's a department store in Berlin."

"It's so cold today that I'm going indoors as much as I can, and my mom and dad are coming tomorrow, so I'm going to go around tourist attractions with my mom and dad. Today, I'm just going to eat delicious food and relax."

Jisoo then said, "I've been to the Berlin Wall, and enjoyed a tour of Berlin with my parents", adding, "My mom and dad are taking selfies. I'm all alone," she said with a playful look. Jisoo toured the Berlin Wall and said, "My mom and dad always take pictures at tourist attractions and send them to me, but I can't see the background and they keep sending selfies," but she regretted that she couldn't go because she didn't have a ticket.

Meanwhile, Jisoo is set to release her debut single album "ME" on March 31st.


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