Korean Netizens Defend NMIXX After Accused of Copying NewJeans

Korean Netizens Defend NMIXX After Accused of Copying NewJeans

A Korean netizen recently shared screenshots from NMIXX's pre-release song "Young, Dumb, Stupid" and said, "NMIXX is now copying NewJeans." They explained, "When aespa was doing well, NMIXX came out with O.O and now that NewJeans is popular, they're changing it right away. The color of the music video is different, but from styling, hair, to choreography, it's exactly like NewJeans."

The post instantly became a hot topic, with Korean netizens commenting:
  • NewJeans got into the Y2K trend too. They didn't start it.
  • They don't look alike at all. It even seems like the OP (Original Poster) quickly took screenshots as soon the music video came up.
  • It's way different from NewJeans LOL.
  • It feels like a mix of TWICE and ITZY concepts.
  • NewJeans and NMIXX are friends. Support all of them.
  • Where's the NewJeans here?
  • I'm not a fan of both but it does feel like NewJeans.
  • So, did NewJeans copy T-ARA too?
  • If I dress up brightly, it's NewJeans now?
  • NewJeans will be ruined by their own fans.
  • They're both young groups. Styles will overlap.
  • Since their debut, they hid the phrase in the music video and gave spoilers for the title song. Everything's been planned since September.
  • Why do you insist that all the popular concepts in the world are NewJeans?
  • I don't think the person who wrote this is a NewJeans fan. Clearly, OP is trying to drive a wedge between NMIXX and NewJeans.
  • NewJeans' song is "Dreamy Innocent High Teen" and "NMIXX" is "Hip-hop funky High Teen".
  • No. It feels like TWICE's music video. They did something like this before.
  • NewJeans and NMIXX are amazing groups with their own concepts.


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