Korean Netizens React to the 28th Place Candidates of "Boys Planet"

Korean Netizens React to the 28th Place Candidates of "Boys Planet"

On the afternoon of March 17th, "Boys Planet" held their 2nd survivor announcement, where out of the 51 participants, only 28 can proceed to the next round.

During the survivor announcement's broadcast through Youtube, only Jay's 12th place ranking was announced. "Boys Planet" also left fans hanging when they revealed the three candidates fighting for the 28th place—Ma Jing Xiang, Mun Jung Hyun, and Cha Woong Ki.
Only 28 trainees will survive and continue to the next round, which is why the announcement became a hot topic among Korean netizens who commented:
  • Woonggi ㅠㅠ
  • Please save Mun Jung Hyun ㅠㅠ Go home Ma Jing Xiang!
  • Mr. Woonggi!!! I downloaded the app just for you and gave you two votes!
  • I voted for Woonggi.
  • Mun Jung Hyun please
  • Oh f*ck! Woonggi please! I downloaded the app in a hurry yesterday just to give you 3 votes. I voted today too!
  • I don't even watch the show and I downloaded the app just to vote for Woonggi.
  • I think it will be Woonggi ㅠㅠㅠ Please be Woonggi
  • Goodbye, Ma Jing Xiang
  • Woonggi, let's go up!
  • I saw Woong Ki for the first time yesterday and quickly voted for him.
  • Woonggi cried so much. It really hurts. I really want to watch his next performance.
  • Why did they cut the voting to 1 AM? Will the voting still be counted to 10 AM?
  • I hope both Mun Jung Hyun and Cha Woong Ki don't get eliminated.
  • Save Woonggi!! Guys, how do you vote for Boys Planet?
  • Actually, I didn't really care about Woonggi, but I like him because he looks like a human being after seeing him lead this time... I just want to see him on stage once more time.
  • I turned it off when I saw this. This better not be Ma Jing Xiang.
  • I voted for Cha Woong Ki with my blood pressure rising at 1 AM.
  • Mun Jung Hyun's ranking was low ㅠㅠ
  • I hope both Jung Hyun and Woonggi stick together ㅜㅜ

Meanwhile, the full list of 28 survivors will be released on next week's Thursday broadcast of "Boys Planet."


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