“120th Music Show Win and Getting 12k Points? The Power They Hold Even After 7 Years” – Netizens React to TWICE’s “SET ME FREE” Encore Stage

“120th Music Show Win and Getting 12k Points? The Power They Hold Even After 7 Years” – Netizens React to TWICE’s “SET ME FREE” Encore Stage

On the March 17th broadcast of Music Bank, STAYC's "Teddy Bear" and TWICE's "SET ME FREE" fought for the 1st place win with the latter winning over STAYC, scoring 12,587 points.

This is TWICE first music show win for their latest comeback song "SET ME FREE" and also their 120th music show win in their entire musical career.

Aside from celebrating TWICE's win, netizens also expressed their love for the group's performance on their encore stage. Some netizens noted that an encore should be celebrated like that and that the group is proving to everyone that they can sing live.

Netizens commented:

  • thank you so much to other ONCEs for helping twice and giving them an amazing score!! Keep streaming so we can get all kills on the charts
  • THANK YOU TO ALL ONCES! You all never fail to support TWICE. I'm in the right fandom.
  • The fact that they're an 8 years old group yet still humble and bowing to everyone speaks so much about this group, love you sekebon uri teudongi
  • Finally a win!!! TWICE is producing hit after hit, changing styles from cute to mature, as well as going on World Tours and streaming their shows. This group of girls is INSANE, but yet they stay humble and caring for the fans.
  • After 7 years Twice is still improving every comeback. Just when you think they can't get better, they do. Hardworking queens!
  • I love how they won their confidence again with this comeback. When once are on their side they gain so much confidence I love it
  • this is how you should celebrate a win, just singing and having fun. not worrying about how they sound or how perfect it is. they sound amazing, i'm so happy for them.
  • I'm just smiling watching our queens enjoying the stage, slaying in vocals, and dancing with grace and power. Congrats Twice!! Thank you fellow Once
  • TWICE! you are deserved this. Thank you for working so hard for this comeback (masterpiece) and thank you for staying consistent for 7 years. I’m glad to be a once! I may not have been there from the start but I’ll be there to the end, Twice forever
  • For those who are saying their last performances arent live..... THEY ARE LIVE SINGING! They improved so much!!
  • it’s amazing to me how they’re already at their 120th win! i hope the girls, as well as the very supportive fans, know they’re amazing
  • I admire Twice for constantly evolving and working hard to bring out good music. I have stanned them since their debut and I will continue to stan them going forward. This is a bond between we Onces and Twice. So happy about their win today! There could be ups and downs in their career, but we should never let the norm of previous girl groups dictate where they should go and achieve!
  • I honestly almost burst out crying when I saw their total score. So happy for them. As expected, they are still so humble, always thankful to their fans for their wins; be it on stage or off stage. Congratulations on the win, teudoongies!


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