'Boys Planet' Trainee Sung Hanbin Opens Up About Viral Profile Photo

'Boys Planet' Trainee Sung Hanbin Opens Up About Viral Profile Photo

Recently, a photo showing 'Boys Planet' front-runner Sung Hanbin shirtless with eight women has spread around various online communities. The women wore tube tops, giving a bare illusion. Because of this, some netizens interpreted it as Sung Hanbin living an exemplary lifestyle.

In response, a representative of Sung Hanbin revealed, "After confirming with Spella, it was a profile picture for the dance crew that Sung Hanbin belonged to at that time."

They added, "They wanted to give a pure image while highlighting the initials of pearls on his face, so he wore a tank top that gently revealed the neck and shoulder lines. Sung Hanbin was the only male member, so he was made to sit on the side rather than in the middle. They intended to make him blend in smoothly. They thought it would look weird or outstanding if he wore clothes alone or a top together, so they made him take off his top."

Spella is a well-known expert in hand choreography. She is famous for creating her Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi's 'Naughty' choreography. Sung Hanbin caught the attention of Spella and entered the crew as her only male member, and even proceeded to shoot profile photos. This proves that Sung Hanbin was recognized for his skills early on.

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