Korean Netizens React to the Current Top 9 'Boys Planet' Trainees From the 2nd Survivor Announcement Ceremony

Korean Netizens React to the Current Top 9 'Boys Planet' Trainees From the 2nd Survivor Announcement Ceremony

During the 8th episode of 'Boys Planet,' aired on March 23rd, the show revealed the Top 28 trainees who will continue to the next round of missions. Among the Top 28, viewers took notice of the tentative 'Top 9' trainees who could make a group debut.

The current Top 9 trainees:
1. Sung Hanbin
2. Zhang Hao
3. Han Yu Jin
4. Seok Matthew
5. Kim Ji Woong
6. Kim Gyu Vin
7. Kim Tae Rae
8. Keita
9. Park Gun Wook

The current Top 9 trainees instantly became a hot topic, with Korean netizens commenting:
  • My pick isn't there but the debuting group looks good.
  • Keita, fighting!
  • I think one person will change from here.
  • Sung Hanbin, the undisputed top 1 lol
  • This debut group seems to have the highest realistic probability, but again, there is no case where the second round debut group went the same as the final debut group, so it can't be like this.
  • I think the group would be perfect if there's no center member.
  • Let's make a clean debut with only Koreans.
  • Looks like Kim Taerae is really debuting.
  • There's no Hui ㅠㅠㅠ
  • I think the final group will be 7 Korean and 2 global members.
  • I hope it changes a bit, but this looks solid.
  • It's a fight for the 9th place, and the rest seems to be solid.
  • Wow. Kim Taerae...
  • The debuting group has already been decided anyway. Pretending to be dramatic is so funny hahaha
  • Honestly, it's a fight for 9th place. The people on top will be the same.
  • If you need just one, Hiroto is the best.
  • Vote for the Koreans!
  • What? No Hui? I didn't watch the broadcast but I was hoping Hui would debut.
  • The group needs Keita.
  • I want to see Sung Hanbin keep winning first place.
  • If you look at their photos, one of them really doesn't belong there.
  • Please, I just want Ricky to debut!
  • It's no fun because the top ranks don't change too much... There's no tension.
  • It would be nice if Park Gun Wook debuted
  • I think I'm fine with this debut group. I'll really cheer for you when you debut like this.
  • There is absolutely no Hui ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The production team cut off Hui portions.
  • It's almost a fixed survival show. I've never seen a show that's blatantly biased in broadcasting volume like this.
  • Let's debut Park Hanbin ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • Jongwoo, please!
  • I'm proud of Sung Hanbin ㅠㅠ Please stay there


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