"Haruto Is From Korea University?!" — 'Boys Planet' Haruto Becomes a Hot Topic Among Korean Netizens

"Haruto Is From Korea University?!" — 'Boys Planet' Haruto Becomes a Hot Topic Among Korean Netizens

A Korean netizen shared a post that is said to be written by 'Boys Planet' Haruto in Korea University's forum.

03/31 16:10
Hello, this is Haruto!!

Hello seniors and classmates, this is Haruto, a freshman in the 23rd class! Thank you so much for your generous support and faith!! Also, thank you so much to those who recognized and greeted me when I visited the campus!! I hope to see you again

Thanks to your support, I continue to gain strength and I am more enthusiastic.

The third round of voting is scheduled until the 7th of this month!! So that I can advance to the Boyz Planet Finals, achieve my dream of debuting, and become an idol at Korea University....!! Hehe Please vote a lot!! haha

I want to become a proud idol and repay the support sent by my seniors and peers.

Thank you!! I will do my best!

The post instantly gained attention, with Korean netizens commenting:
  • That's cute hahaha I voted for him today even if I'm not a Korea university student.
  • Wow! Haruto is in the 23rd class...?
  • Please vote for him, Korea university students...
  • Haruto is from Korea university?!
  • He speaks Korean better than I do.
  • That's awesome!
  • Wow! I can't believe he's from Korea University.
  • Haruto is so flexible... His body folds into a folder.
  • Wow, he's good at spacing and there's no typos. He writes Korean really well.
  • Wow! He wrote it so well. I never would've thought a foreigner wrote it if I didn't read his name.
  • Haruto is so cute!
  • He's not Korean but he speaks and writes so well hahaha
  • I'm really rooting for Haruto. I hope it goes well for him.
  • Wow! How many years has he lived in Korea?
  • The photo is so cute! But how do you know if Haruto really wrote it?
  • He looks more Korean than me.
  • Haruto looks very smart.
  • Please vote for Haruto!

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