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Netizens Share Unfiltered Reactions to This Specific Move On TWICE Nayeon’s “ABCD” Dance Break

Netizens Share Unfiltered Reactions to This Specific Move On TWICE Nayeon’s “ABCD” Dance Break

TWICE's Nayeon made a significant impact with her solo debut, "POP," garnering admiration from both fans and the general public alike. Known for her bubbly and sweet persona, Nayeon's transformation into a stronger and more chic image for "ABCD" came as a delightful surprise to many.
TWICE Nayeon - 'IM NAYEON' Concept Teasers documents 3

In "ABCD," Nayeon not only showcased her versatile vocal prowess but also stunned audiences with her charismatic presence. The song's dance break was a climactic moment where Nayeon donned a white tank top and denim jeans as she performed a move that left netizens in awe, sparking widespread discussion and praise across social media platforms.

Nayeon's return not only solidified her position as a versatile artist capable of evolving her style but also heightened anticipation for her future releases.

  • That's where every one of us are speechless
  • When I tell you I fell to the floor, she slayed hard
  • The way I hollered omg
  • Dance break ate
  • I was not expecting that at all
  • That guy literally has the most blessed arm right now right under the nayeonussy
  • All the still shots I keep seeing from these videos make me feel like she giving the girls a show during Pride Month! And as a girl, we thank you.
  • Quite the change from her previous song.
  • No because I was shocked and then no one was talking about it on my FYP like... was I the only one who got shocked by the grab?
  • She knows what she is doing
  • That was what I literally said the first time I watched it lmao

The music video is receiving overwhelming positive reactions and is currently at 16 million views on YouTube just a day after its release as of writing.

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