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Welcome to this week's segment of Nugu Monday! Today we'll be discussing BTS's former sister group Glam.
Glam is a special case. Now for all of these segments, I reiterate the sentiment that all these disbanded groups were very talented and deserved to make it, but this is especially so for Glam. Is there anyone not excited by the idea of a female version of BTS? No? I didn't think so. But on to the sad tale.
GLAM first became known to the world back in 2010, when they featured on Big Hit Entertainment labelmate 2AM's song 'Just Me' from their album Saint o'Clock. 'Just Me' is a fantastic ballad and collaboration, and showcased the vocal abilities of the members of Glam. They also appeared in the leader of 8Eight, LeeHyun's 'You Are The Best Of My Life' music video. In 2011, leader Dahee also happened to voice South Korea' very first Vocaloid, named SeeU. Opinions about Vocaloids aside, this served to further Glam's exposure before their debut.
On May 25th, 2012, Big Hit Entertainment announced Glam's official debut to be on July 16th as a collaborative project with Source Music.
A few weeks before their debut, member Miso sang a duet with 2AM leader Jo Kwon titled 'Heaven' off his debut solo album I'm Da One building up anticipation for Glam even further.
Glam's debut song, 'Party (XXO)', was released on July 16th, with lyrics written in part by RM/Rap Monster. The song's lyrics drew attention due to their LGBT-friendly content, something that doesn't come up often in K-Pop, let alone as a debut song.
In addition to the music being good, the music video was hilarious. Utterly random with a wild Jungkook and Jimin making several appearances throughout. Glam's debut was a strong was, and not just because of the lyrics. A lot of girl groups seem to be on a musical concept see-saw, bouncing back and forth between sexy and cutesy concepts. Glam did not fall into this category, and they drew comparisons to 2NE1 or understandably BTS. And yes this is a very good thing.
Glam's second single, 'Person That I Miss' was an OST track, released as part of the soundtrack for the SBS drama Five Fingers. It would normally be relatively surprising to see a rookie group branch out into OST music so quickly, but given their history with ballad kings 2AM, it didn't come as much of a surprise at all.
Just before the end of 2012, on December 24th, Big Hit Entertainment delivered the sad news that member Trinity would be leaving the group and the industry. Rumors of Trinity allegedly being a former sasaeng fan of Super Junior leader Leeteuk quickly broke out, and many believe that to have been the reason for her departure. To this day we don't know. Glam pressed on as a quartet.
On the second day of 2013, Glam released their second single 'I Like That'. Again with RM lending his pen to the lyrics, 'I Like That' is a great song and further solidified Glam's status as being the female version of BTS. They were unique and by 2013, idol groups were beginning to become a bit cookie-cutter in style, so Glam was thoroughly refreshing.
I must admit though, I was hoping that the release would've been the title track off of Glam's debut. Singles are great, but albums are better. Hopefully, before 2013's end, they'd have their first album under their belt.
In March, Glam made a comeback with the song 'In Front Of The Mirror' which was again a great song. Truly Glam was the female BTS. Strong lyricism and their own color. No way these girls wouldn't make it big. But again, no album which was very disappointing.
Later that year, Dahee would collaborate with Changmin of 2AM for the OST track 'I Can't Live Without You' showing off her vocal chops. OST music suits Dahee very well. Unfortunately, 2013 would end without a Glam album, and again I can't help but express my frustration at this. Big Hit is known for doing right by BTS, and they do, however they really dropped the ball with Glam.
Glam would release a special track on February 2nd, 2014, as a Valentine's Day gift for fans, the song 'Give It 2 U'. A cheery, vibrant song that fits the mood of Valentine's Day perfectly. Well, the mood of Valentine's Day for people with significant others that is. But again, Big Hit, why no album? It's been nearly two years since they debuted and they still don't have an EP or a studio album. And unfortunately, they never would.
In September of that year, actor Lee Byung-hun filed a police report that 2 women were attempting to blackmail him and extort him for the whopping amount of 5 billion won. The women were Glam leader Dahee, and her model friend Lee Ji Yeon. Both were immediately arrested and admitted to their crimes. In January of 2015, Dahee was sentenced to a year in prison, and Lee Ji Yeon 14 months. After 6 months in jail, Dahee and Ji Yeon were released on bail in March and received suspended sentences consisting of several years probation instead of a hard time. Their success in appeal court was largely due in part to Lee Byung-hun asking that the two be released from jail, not wanting them to spend more time in prison as there blackmail attempt was merely that: an attempt. Lucky for them, as the prosecution wanted them to serve three years in prison.
Needless to say, Glam was no more. The contracts of the members had apparently expired at the end of 2014, and the members decided to part ways. I'm not sure if Glam would've been able to continue after the inexcusable and reprehensible actions of their leader. One can only speculate.
And so, the journey of Glam came to an abrupt and terrible end. While most nugu groups break up due to mismanagement or not garnering enough attention to stick around, Glam was disbanded due to a very poor choice made by Dahee. They had what it takes to make it and then some, which makes their fate all the more depressing.
I'm not saying that an album release would've kept Dahee from doing what she did, but I still am a bit frustrated with Big Hit for having Glam go two years without an album when they more than deserved one. When groups come to and end, all we can do is look back fondly on what they left us, and that's the problem. Glam didn't leave us much because Big Hit didn't give them much.
As for what the members are up to now? I only know of one that has continued pursuing a musical career, rapper Park Ji-Yeon. She appeared on Show Me The Money 4, rapping in the first round about the Lee Byung-hun controversy and the struggles she's been through since Glam's disbandment. Despite having strong lyrics, her flow and delivery were severely lacking and she didn't receive a chain.
She made a comeback as a solo artist this year, with the single 'B-Day' under the new stage name LUCY. Good luck to her in her solo endeavors.
As I stated before, Glam don't have much on the webs. What they do have, is excellent. Every single song. Which isn't much consolation, but at least it's something right?
2AM & Glam 'Just Me': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdBh8ZOyF_0
Jo Kwon and Miso 'Heaven': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qVWxYHbbdE
Glam 'Party (XXO)' MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T62b-FxzxA
Glam 'Person That I Miss': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yXnLIMNdvY
Glam 'I Like That' MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwm7IlPO1Uo
Glam 'In Front Of The Mirror' MV:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSvAEB4Z8P4
Changmin & Dahee 'I Can't Live Without You (I Only See One Person): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS4jR6eQCIM
Glam 'Give It 2 U': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58YwxJ5LHGg
LUCY 'B-Day' MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f6BZQoSlFA

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vvv07   2 years ago
I read about them too before and it was indeed unfortunate. This just shows that talent would really never be enough in order to succeed. They could have done better. They could have attained success like BTS, maybe. Too bad they destroyed their chance at the very first.
2 years ago
Honey   2 years ago
Wow, thanks a lot for describing all of this with such a detail. It turns out, that I have missed quite a lot of things about GLAM. They really could have achieved success and I'm a little bit sad about it. I'm not sure whether they would replicate the success of BTS and either way I don't really like speaking of what would happen 'if', but they definitely had what it takes to go much further 🙂
2 years ago
WaNueSu   2 years ago
I didn't know GLAM was actually from Big Hit Entertainment. OMG big revelation
2 years ago