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We've got ourselves a new idol group to stan! Introducing BLK!
BLK had a bit of a rocky start but thankfully were able to debut. Initially, BLK was called ACEMAX-BLK (In all honesty, I'm glad it was changed to just BLK, as this is a mouthful) and was under Checkmate Entertainment. A few things happened, and one member of ACEMAX-BLK, Kun left the group and ACEMAX-BLK switched agencies to ByKing Entertainment. Two new members, Inno and Sorim were added and the group's name was changed to just BLK and here we are now.
Two notable members of BLK, are leader D.A who was previously in the now disbanded idol group LC9 under the stage name AO, and Yao Ming Ming, who was on Seventeen TV as a pre-debut member, and is currently competing on Mixnine (And doing quite well). Due to him currently being on MixNine, Ming Ming is absent from the group's debut promotions but is still a member of the group.
Now on to BLK's debut single 'Hero'!
For starters, the group definitely caught my attention with their initial teasers. With new groups under (relatively) small agencies, it's a mixed bag. You honestly don't know what to expect, and when it comes to dancing, these rookies typically come equipped with the bare essentials.
To my pleasant surprise, this isn't the case with BLK. In their Intro, 'INTO BLK' video, the boys displayed some pretty high-level dancing skills with an acrobatic flair. Something you'd expect to see from a So You Think You Can Dance dance crew, not a rookie group from a small agency. Two thumbs up in the dancing department.
And 'Hero' is a great debut song. The song and music video both have great production value, and the boys boast great vocals. The chorus is also very catchy. It's hard to gauge BLK's rapping ability since 'Hero' doesn't have much rapping, but from what I've seen from these guys so far, I'm confident that they're good in this department as well.
All in all, I would say this debut is a solid B+. Great dancing abilities, vocals, and production value. They've started off far better than most small company rookie groups. I would go so far as to say that this is my favorite debut on 2017. K-Pop could use some more groups with consistent fierce concepts.
I'll be keeping my eyes on these guys with great interest.
Check out their debut song and MV, 'Hero' and tell me what you think!

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Honey   2 years ago
Wow, that's some really solid analysis. Good job! I didn't really dig into them yet. I've listened to their song and I consider it a pretty good one. We will see how it goes, but I won't lie - I have quite some high hopes for them ^^ Much bigger after reading your write-up to be honest 🙂
2 years ago