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Welcome to another segment of Soul Sunday!
Today's euphonious ballad, is Flower's 'You Are My Everything'.
I stumbled across this song years ago, randomly looking up ballad songs on YouTube. A good thing I did too, as with a name like Flower, finding stuff from this guy can be a bit tricky. Thank goodness for YouTube Suggested Videos, because I'm glad I found this guy.
Released as part of his 2011 EP 'Everything Inside of Me' as the title track, it remains my favorite song by Flower. This man can sing, let me tell you. The chorus, in particular, showcases his powerful vocals well. And he sounds just as good during live performances as well, which is always a plus.
'You Are My Everything' is one of those melancholic ballads that you don't want to listen to because it's so sad, but you do anyway because it's so good. Check it out now!

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Honey   2 years ago
It's quite the opposite with me - depending on my mood, sometimes I love listening to this songs - and I want to keep doing it ❤ Today my mood is 50/50, but the song is so good, that I keep listening to it anyway ❤
2 years ago