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Welcome to this week's Throwback Thursday! Part one of this week's segment will be my favorite MBLAQ song: 'Oh Yeah'!
'Oh Yeah' was the title track from MBLAQ's debut EP, Just BLAQ. With the lyrics and choreography made entirely by the group's mentor Rain, coupled with the most 2009 K-Pop music video of all-time from the outfits, to the video's presentation, 'Oh Yeah' is definitely a highlight of the Golden Age of K-Pop. With a simple but addictive chorus, I had this song on repeat for quite a long time. And tried and failed miserably to do the dance moves of the song.
Check out 'Oh Yeah' now!

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Honey   1 year ago
Oh Yeah! Another great Throwback Thursday. I remember MBLAQ and this song - it was really popular back then and their style was so much different than the one, that other artists have presented. I can't say, that 'Oh, yeah' was my favorite song from MBLAQ, but it was definitely ranked pretty highly. I'm not really a fan of their latest songs, like 'Hey You' or 'Eyes on You' though.
I believe, their songs before 2013 were the best, like 'Oh Yeah', 'Can't come back' or 'This is war', although I also liked released in 2014 'You Ain't Know' because of the very unique style they have presented ^^. I will gladly repeat all of their songs though as I haven't listened to them for a while ❤. Thanks again for a great write-up Xavier!

1 year ago
vvv07   1 year ago
awww MBLAQ 😞
1 year ago
WaNueSu   1 year ago
I miss MBLAQ 😞
1 year ago