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A part of me is forever furious with DSP Media, given that they've ruined a number of legendary idol groups, and wasted the potential of several more, so talking about KARA is something of a bittersweet thing, but as they say, the show must go on.
That is why the girl group selection for this week's Throwback Thursday, is KARA's 'Honey'!
My very first KARA song, I initially thought of this as a J-Pop song, because I was used to Japanese idol groups doing super cutesy concepts. But KARA does it just right. A lot of idol groups (especially nugu groups from smaller companies) get carried away with the cutesy concepts and it just comes off as cheesy and a tad bit cringy. KARA's 'Honey' however, was super adorable in all the right ways and had the perfect amount of aegyo without going overboard. Not to mention it was extremely addictive to listen to.
KARA seamlessly switched up concepts, but I will always enjoy their cutesy concept days. Check out 'Honey' now and reminisce of the good old days!

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Honey   2 years ago
Yes, despite it happening such a long time ago, we can't blame anyone for still bearing negative feelings towards DSP Media. They had many great years though, so we had enough time to experience their talent, but it still hurts a little bit deep down there. At least Youngji is doing pretty well as an solo artist - not sure if you saw her latest release: 'Memory Clock', if not then you definitely should. As for 'Honey' though. Also now that I have refreshed Kara again after focusing mostly on new releases, I will take my time and enjoy their music for quite some time again ^^
2 years ago
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