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It has been quite awhile since we've heard from Crayon Pop. Crayon Pop's contracts with Chrome Entertainment expired this year, and negotiations went on for quite some time. Crayon Pop eventually settled on a non-exclusive contract with Chrome Entertainment. Then there was the matter of Soyul's pregnancy, marriage and subsequent departure (Permanent?) from the group. Crayon Pop has remained on hiatus and with Soyul's questionable membership status, it is still unknown when Crayon Pop will make a comeback.
Luckily, the holiday season this year won't come and go without some Crayon Pop goodness. Today, a holiday duet by Way and Choa, titled 'Christmas For You', has been released. The twins announce the release of this track several days ago on their Instagram. However, the track was released under their maiden names of Heo Min Jin, and Heo Min Seon, not their Crayon Pop stage names of Choa and Way. Couple this with the fact that Crayon Pop's official group YouTube and social media accounts (which have been inactive for a year) remain quiet, one can assume this is not a Strawberry Milk release.
But as the saying goes, something is better than nothing, so we'll take it. K-Pop Christmas songs never get old, and 'Christmas for you' is a great one. Check it out now!

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Honey   1 year ago
Yes, nice to see Crayon Pop back. I really haven't listened to them for quite some time. I basically forgot about them - sorry, but with so many great releases in K-Pop lately, they have totally slipped my mind. Song is really cool though - fits the Christmas atmosphere really well, they did a good job. I will probably listen to it for a while and possibly come back to it as well ❤ I would love to see the some more though ^^
1 year ago
vvv07   1 year ago
Wow, so many artists releasing Christmas singles~
1 year ago