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It has been over three years since TARGET released their pre-debut single, 'Please Love Me', and since then videos of TARGET have popped up from time to time, such as dance covers and even a Single Album, titled Block, but for some odd reason, the group still did not debut. Issues with their initial agency occurred, and his made fans worried that TARGET was stuck in K-Pop limbo, but fear not; TARGET has a new agency, and will finally be making their debut in January!
The news was released on their official Korean Twitter account, confirming their debut date in Korea to be January 24th.
Despite being rookies who have only sporadically popped up from time to time over the last few years, anticipation for TARGET's debut is quite high, which is good to see.
In addition, TARGET has already made their debut in Japan, releasing their debut Japanese single '熱い思い' just yesterday.
From what I've seen so far, these guys have a lot of potential and talent, and I'm hoping they can become one of 2018's Monster Rookies. Be sure to keep a close eye on TARGET!

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Honey   2 years ago
This is really interesting. I also remember, that they were actually to debut before with their former company TNS, which was only promoting them in Korea anyway. It's just a month away and I'm really glad, that we will finally get to see them. Do your best boys. Both you and the fans have waited quite some time for this moment ❤
2 years ago