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TWICE's first Japanese single had been a hit. Now they're already teasing fans with concept photos for their upcoming second single entitled "Candy Pop" which is set to be released on February 7th next year.
The concept photos are colorful and there's a lot of fur going on. The first item we've stumbled upon is Chaeyoung's MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN's faux fur red and black striped jacket. It's originally priced at $617, but is now marked down at 40%, bringing it down to $371. Our maknae paired it with a white shirt and white boots, and accessorizing it with a pair of black socks, making her look classy and youthful at the same time. The fur jacket is available here, if you want to go check it out.
Next up is Dahyun's MAISON MARGIEL's cropped fur jacket. Now, I'm not really sure if it's the exact one, but I stumbled upon it while I was checking out Chaeyoung's jacket. It looked pretty much identical, so TA-DAH! It costs $2,144 (no discounts on this one), and our cutie Dahyun paired it with a fuchsia top and white tennis skirt. Her look could pass her as the second daughter of an ultra rich K-drama conglomerate, doesn't it?
And finally, Dahyun's boots are probably SERGIO ROSSI's studded heel ankle boots, which cost $498 (already at 50%). It looks the same as the one she's wearing, but there's only so much zooming I could do.
Of course, Style Serendipity wouldn't end without a roundup of cheaper alternatives! Dahyun's boots could be swapped for a similar studded boots only at $25 here, while her coat could be swapped with one at $64 here. Finding a good alternative for Chaeyoung's red and black fur coat was quite a pain, so let's settle with a good ol' red one here that's available for $64.
All the photos are compiled for your convenient perusal, and you can go check it out by clicking the title above!
If you could find better matches for the items above, feel free to share them down the comment section below! Also, you can request items, and I'll try my best to feature them on the next Style Serendipity.

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Honey   2 years ago
Yeah, it looks very similar to the one Dahyun wears and considering the price, which is HUGE it probably is the same one 😛 Really nice write-up by the way! I love how those girls dress by the way. I'm personally not that much into style myself, but just wanted to add, that if our budget allows that, we should definitely look up to our Idols when it comes to style. They really know what they are doing, so as for girls - you can't really go wrong with any of TWICE's member ❤ I personally really dig into EXO's garderobe - it's so plain and simple, but yet so elegant and eye-catchy 🙂
2 years ago
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