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Our favorite R&B artist is Dean is coming back soon with a new single entitled "Instagram". Check out the Deans soothing vocals and guitar melody of "Instagram"!

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Honey   1 year ago
Aww, whenever you want to listen to some song and think about life - Dean is a perfect choice, always! His music is so deep, like his lyrics are just so true, you cannot disagree with him. His ideas may be quite complex, but I love analyzing what artist had in mind, that's why I'm so in love with Dean's music. Besides, if you guys didn't see any interviews with Dean - I recommend to do so as soon as possible - the way he talks, the way he acts - you may actually learn quite a lot from him. Especially how to handle difficult questions 🙂
1 year ago
minlulu    Honey   1 year ago
This is really late, but I couldn't agree more!
1 year ago
vvv07   1 year ago
oh wow~ his vocals tho
1 year ago
ruenna galvez   1 year ago
Omg! Can't wait for the MV!
1 year ago

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