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Welcome to the final Saturday Spotlight of the year! Today's group will be INX.
Formed by NA Entertainment in 2016, INX debuted with the digital single 'Alright'. And their debut song was more than alright. It's pretty good. INX has been noted as having an older K-Pop sound to them; 2012 rather than 2016-2017. And seeing as many people include 2012 in the era of the Golden Age of K-Pop, yes this is a good thing.
'Alright' has good production value and the members have good vocals. A very solid start for INX.
INX made a comeback back in April of this year, with another single, '2gether'. However '2gether' would see a noticeable drop in recognition. The MV for 'Alright' on INX's YouTube channel, has nearly 1 million views. Ver impressive for a rookie idol group from a small company. As of today, the MV for '2gether' only has 58,000 views. Why the huge drop off?
I personally like 'Alright' slightly more, but '2gether' is still a good song. Once again, good vocals and some nice dance choreography. So what's the deal?
For starters, NA Entertainment is as I said, a very small company. Information of the company is scarce, and INX seems to be their only idol group. In other words, they need to promote them a lot more. Looking at the comment section of their debut video, there are a lot of people asking when they will make a comeback between the release of 'Alright' and '2gether'. Leading me to believe that many people don't even know that the latter song was released.
INX has a lot of potential as a group and seeing as how they been around for about 1.5 years, it's high time they release their first EP. '2gether' is also on Genie Music, which has 153,000 views, and their music being on that platform should go a long way towards increasing their exposure. NA Entertainment just needs to step up the promotions on their part and I think INX can do well. They haven't uploaded in over six months and NA need to rectify that immediately. Hopefully, 2018 will be the year that INX gets their big break.
'2gether' MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R143j-1QAt0

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